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Société de Transports Terrestres et de Roulage

STTR has been active in the freight transport market for 30 years.
It employs 24 people, including 12 drivers, all of whom have the training and authorizations required for the specific nature of our business.

STTR transports all types of containers as well as bulk goods, and also carries out cranage/lifting operations using truck cranes. The company is also able to offer complete cargo handling and container unloading/repacking services. STTR also offers DRY and reefer container storage at its facilities near the port.


Adress: 22 avenue James Cook – 98 800 Nouméa
Phone: +687 23 29 29
E-mail: admin@sttr.nc

Phone: +687 23 29 29
Mobile: +687 93 50 31
E-mail: commercial01@sttr.nc

Phone: +687 23 29 28
E-mail: exploitation@sttr.nc