the Port

The autonomous port of New Caledonia is the public institution responsible for the administration, maintenance, operation and development of the port of Nouméa and port facilities.

Representing the actors of the marine, harbour and industrial-harbour activities of New Caledonia, the UMEP defends and participates in the improvement of the passage of the goods on the port of Nouméa.


New Caledonia Port and Airport IT Management

GIPANC has been created on April 11, 2013 in Nouméa by the founders of UMEP.

It brings together professionals related to port and airport activity:

  • Shipping Agents
  • Handlers / Stevedores
  • Carriers
  • Freight forwarders
  • Movers, Importers / Exporters

The company’s missions are the operation of the Cargo Community System and the development of all processes relating to the automation of the processing of documents necessary for the passage of goods and for the use of port operators.

1. Guarantees a methodology in compliance with regulations
2. Federates the port community around the CI5 tool
3. Advises and provides technical support to users
4. Facilitates interactions and optimizes business processes
5. Ensure that each professional acts directly according to their role in the supply chainThe port community has come together to implement AP+ in New Caledonia where the Cargo Community System (CCS) has been active since April 2013. 

In November 2021, AP+ was replaced by its new version Ci5, “One-stop shop” dedicated to the management of the flow of goods. CI5 aggregates information, automates processes, orchestrates and secures the activities of private and public actors. 

Since January 1, 2022, Ci5 has officially been nominated as the single platform for submitting maritime manifests in New Caledonia and has thus become the benchmark for handling goods by sea.  

Learn more about the Cargo Community System


The Directorate of Customs of New Caledonia is the Administration of the State which exercises on behalf of New Caledonia fiscal, economic and protective missions. Its tax collection and trade flow control activities involve all UMEP members and Customs maintains a close relationship with UMEP


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New Caledonia

CCI NC has been the historic partner of UMEP since its creation. In addition to being a member of the federation, it provides a neutral and external perspective on the issues and port issues raised within the federation.

In particular, CCI NC manages the cruise terminal.

Responding to its primary missions, which are to support companies and contribute to the economic development of the territory, the CCI NC provides its know-how, tools and logistics to fully assist the port actors gathered within the UMEP in achieving their objectives.