About us

Maritime and Port Union of New Caledonia (UMEP NC) is a federation of trade unions of maritime, port and industrial-port professionals in New Caledonia.

It was founded in 2010 in order to strengthen inter-professional ties and improve the passage of goods through the port of Noumea.

The adherent or active members are trade unions approved by the office having a maritime, port and industrial-port activity.

Carte Nouvelle Calédonie

Our missions

The defence and development of maritime and port activities and the improvement of the competitiveness of the port passage

The development of inter-professional links and consultation for the strengthening of global and unitary policies

Strengthening of partnerships with all bodies with competence in the port sector or which may play a role in development

Assistance to public authorities, consular chambers, local authorities, public and private companies

Anticipation and participation in the implementation of maritime, port and industrial-port standards and laws and regulations



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