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Mediterranean Shipping Company

MSC is one of the world’s leading shipping companies with more than 600 container ships in operation and a presence in 155 countries on all continents.

Alongside the success of the container shipping business, the MSC Group has diversified since the 2000s, launching a cruise division, MSC Cruise, a passenger ferry business in the Mediterranean and investment in port terminal infrastructure. Today, the Group employs 100,000 people worldwide.

MSC offers weekly maritime services to and from (Import/Export) Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and America.


Adress: 18 avenue James Cook – BP 808 – 98845 Noumea Cedex, New Caledonia
E-mail: NC440-MSCNoumea@msc.com

Maxime TINEL
Phone: +687 27 88 91
E-mail: maxime.tinel@msc.com

Nicolas MAZET
Phone: +687 27 88 97
+687 75 73 69
E-mail: nicolas.mazet@msc.com

Jérémie Bapsolles
Phone: +687 27 60 37
Mobile: +687 73 10 88

E-mail: jeremie.bapsolles@msc.com

E-mail: NC440-MSCNoumea@msc.com