Cargo Community System

CI5 the new generation of CCS

The Cargo Community System (CCS) CI5 is a «One-stop shop» dedicated to the management of goods flows deployed in 2021 by GIPANC (New Caledonia Port and Airport IT Management).

CI5 replaced AP+ which was implemented in 2013.

Efficient management of the transit of goods

  • A “one-stop shop” that gathers all information, automates processes, orchestrates and secures the activities of private and public actors in a port and land community
  • Interfaced with private enterprise IT systems as well as government IT systems
  • A more efficient supply chain that makes it possible to streamline the flow of goods destined to be imported, exported or transhipped
  • Features that meet user needs with ease of use through display customization and user-friendly interface

Monitoring tool

CI5 integrates in real time the forecasts, announcements, achievements and controls of the passage of goods both at the entrance and at the exit.

It is a real tracking and tracing tool that allows to follow the physical, administrative and customs flows of the goods.